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Those of us who work with energies know the importance of certain key days when performing rituals. They usually coincide with the beginning of astronomical cycles (full or new moon, solstices, equinoxes …) or relevant dates (St John, Chaturthi …). The New Year meets both of these conditions. On the one hand, it is a relevant date, which is celebrated in a massive way and on the other hand, it represents the beginning of a new solar year as established by the Romans in the 2nd century BC. The earth begins a full circle around the sun again. It is therefore a symbolic new beginning, but also a real one. It is a new opportunity for you to achieve your goals, so that you can focus on them and unite your requests to the universal energies so that they can work for you.

A ritual, in general, is always a message to universal forces that, appreciating your effort, will open the way to new opportunities. The positive response is guaranteed from the first minute you do it. The meditation exercise itself is already a great goal accomplished. When we meditate, the present and all the possibilities it incorporates open up in front of you to be able to choose what we want.

And this is the approach to Nosoloreiki Ritual New Year. In this ritual, prepared for this complete exercise of meditation and requests, nothing is accidental. It contains six candles, each with the symbols of the Method of the Three Symbols. If you take the candles, you will see that the first two symbols, the tree of life and ki, are common in all of them. But each one has a different and specific third symbol to work on all the aspects that you propose of health, love, fortune, protection, peace and gratitude. The Method of Three Symbols is included so that you have a way to load them one by one. You will see the force that your energies have with the energies of the universe, focused for your objectives.

But in order to celebrate this special date, you will see in this ritual a box with semi-precious stones that symbolize a rain of crystals, which come to you from the universe to help you with your goals. The stones, in your hands, with your energies and visualizations, will be the magnet of the positive that you want to come into your life.

But also, the ritual takes you where you want to go. It is a complete and guided exercise so that you, once you have it in your hands, get inspired and make it yours. When you open the box, you will see that apart from the candles and the semi-precious stones, it contains everything that will help you make this spiritual exercise for the beginning of the new year, an unforgettable personal experience. You have the sheet to write down your petitions, the matches to light the petition candles, rope and paper to wrap your ritual, all with grate attention to detail, so that your treasure box can help you with your goals.

Everything prepared with love, so that your energy and the illusion for a new stage can shine to the fullest and give strength to your ritual work.

When you finish this ritual you will feel a new and fantastic feeling inside you, of joy and fulfilment. And success, for you, is assured.

Happy New Year 2022

Happy Ritual