How to evade negativities of the house

Houses should be clean places where the energies of the ones that live in are replenished. Unfortunately, on many occasions, this is not the case and those who live in the house suffer the consequences of it. If the house is not that peaceful space, we cannot properly rest, discussions between those who live in the house may appear, our aura becomes dirty and lowers its luminosity, and this process worsens and, as a consequence, our physical state suffers from it.

There are many small acts that prevents negativity to enter our home. We will first list physical actions in the house and then we will recommend energetic works with Rituals with Ki candles to kick off negativities.



Take off your shoes at home. A gesture very simple but crucial. From the street, from the ground, not only germs and microbes enter the house, but the energetic impurity. Those energies remain and expand through the house. Do not allow them do it.

Let the house breathe. Accumulation is the biggest ballast that houses and their energies support. Clothes, objects, papers, drawers full of useless things that we intimately know they would never be used. Do not keep thinking of “just in case.” Pulling, giving, ordering and cleaning is a synonym of letting the positivity entering the room because we free some space for it.

Objects of deceased people. This is a conflicting topic as feelings come into play. Many objects do not accumulate anything positive, but my experience tells me that clothing and bedding accumulate energy from those who have used them. They do not have to be negative, but could perfectly be from experiences that do not help.

Impairment of the house. I mean the little things that can be perfectly fixed and that it is not done for a certain degree of reluctance. A poorly hung curtain, a fallen socket, a moving tile, etc. etc. Everything you look at, break harmony and it is in your hand to fix it, it saves you energy every time you see it.

Bathroom is a very important place. Cleaning, order, ventilation are important. In purist energies, fortune, the lucky being escapes through the sewers. I advise to keep the sink and the shower or bathtub with the plug and the lid of the wc always lowered. The bathroom door, keep it as long as possible closed. Shoot the obsolete things and put some stone or wood figure that avoids the entrance of negativity.


Mirrors are another controversial aspect. I do not advise to put a mirror where a window or door is reflected. For example, when you open the home door, avoid being directly reflected as you enter home. If it is inevitable, compensate with plants, stones or wood.


A very effective way to expel negativities is to attract positive energies. The greater positive energy flow, the more probable possibility of eliminating the accumulated negativity. Working with candles using energies is a very powerful way to do that, and can be done by everyone as candles may be a very nice decorative object, even more when they are lighted.

At we can find several types of candles to achieve this.

Peace & Armony candles are prepared to attract positivity, peace and harmony to a space, a working space or an entire business. Your connection signals carved in the candle can be activated or not. The mere fact of lighting the candle and looking at the flame attracts peace and harmony (both energies). There are candles that can be used during your meditation or visualization. Candles would help you to channel better and make your energy sessions more intense. Of course if you use the Method of the Three Symbols then the energy that charges the candle helps even more to achieve peace and harmony and increase the power of your meditation time and visualization.

Protection Candles. To protect more specifically from non-positive energies that enter the house. With these candles and by activating the carved signs, especially the protection spiral, we introduce an energetic flow that envelops the members of the house and the walls itself. We are placed in the center of the spiral and these spirals would be barriers that protects us from the non-positive energies of the outside.

Wish & Gratitude Candles. For specific desires. If used to expel negativities, activating the signs, especially the Wish & Gratitude, we will pass on the candle the specific information of what we want, for example that the couple does not bring as much negativity to work. The desire, to be concrete and concentrated it in a single candle, will consistently obtain that the couple leave the negativity before entering the house. These candles are the ones that must be used to also thank the results obtained from the candles lighted for all the requests that have been fulfilled or are in the process of doing so.

The small acts that are made to change the energies of a space all being added until reaching the final goal.