How to protect yourself from bad energies

The usual symptoms of a person who receives bad energies, as I pointed out in another article, are the following (among others):

– Sudden mood swings

– Low energy (theft of energies)

– Anxiety and sudden sadness without reason

– Drowsiness

– I want to isolate ourselves, move away from the environment

– Feeling of being a negative motive for conversation

– Feeling of being observed

– Inability to perform a task thinking that it will not be done properly

– Low self-esteem

– Break of objects

– Health problems and injuries

– Sudden problems in relationships

… … …

When bad energies cause physical effects such as those described above, it means that natural defenses fail and the negative has soaked the aura and consequently, both the physical state and the energies of the environment, resent.

Countering the negative received must be a priority to avoid not only that the negativity arrives, but to expel the negative that is already part of the aura, of our energy.

I will expose several methods for this. Being a priority it is perfectly possible to need to use several of them at the same time until some results are achieved.

I must add that there are times when one cannot clean all the bad things received, but the work you do, will help without any doubt to eliminate the negative.



It is the basis of any treatment. If positive positivity is attracted, positive energy cleanses the negative as if it were a water flow that would cleanse a contaminated surface. Attracting energy is to meditate, visualize places or pleasant situations, make conscious breaths, be in contact with nature, do sport, yoga, tai chi, pilates or any discipline that harmonizes body and mind, feed properly, without grease, walk and be aware of the present minute … In summary, dedicate yourself time consciously.


If you visualize a place of nature where you feel good. If you close your eyes and remember it, your energies are traveling in time and you are recovering the pleasure that emanates from that place. Time and distance become relative.

Imagine what can happen if you manage to convey those pleasant feelings to an object ? Imagine what happens if, apart from those sensations, explain to this object what is your state and ask for help. You will be ritualizing an object with the intention of protecting you. For not extending more about this, we will talk about two objects that can fulfill that mission, the black tourmaline and the candles.

Load a black tourmaline (protection from the outside). The black tourmaline is a stone with great latent qualities of absorption of the negative, but it is necessary to wake it up. The way we propose to work with them is exactly what is explained in the preceding paragraph. The stones wake up first applying positivity. In your hands and fingers there are the chakras that emit more direct power when transmitting energies. Close your eyes, grab the stone with your hands and visualize places pleasant for you. Transmit those feelings to the stone. Then, gradually, introduce yourself, explain what your environment is, your life, your goals and the focus of negativity, tell the stone as ii was the closest friend. The tourmaline will absorb all that information and will prevent the negative from reaching you. Repeat this exercise as often as you think, with this you will be charging the tourmaline more and more. The tourmaline is ideal for carrying it over and thus protecting you when you are outside the house.

Load a candle (protection for the house). Candles are the perfect conjunction of evolution from tangible to intangible. If we have a candle at home and we prepare it in the same way as in the previous section, when lighting it we will get our request expanded inside the house in the form of light, heat, color, smell. The protection energies will extend and remain in the house avoiding the negativity entering. Candles must be natural, without paraffin or animal fats. We recommend candles prepared for this, such as coconut oil candles worked for protection that you can find at The method of the three symbols, symbols that are one by one engraved on the candle greatly facilitates protective work while at the same time allow you to do an energy exercise that will prevent your energies from falling.



Sometimes, negativity comes into home in the form of negatively charged objects, whether prepared expressly or not. In this case I would encourage you to believe in you, that you touch what you find suspicious, remember the person who gave it to you or to whom you belonged and that you draw your conclusions. Other times, wearing clothes from deceased persons may subtract rather than add up. Not because the person to whom the clothes belonged was negative, but because clothes, like almost all objects, absorb the energies and experiences of that person and it is possible that some of them are not positive.

Without a doubt it is a very extensive subject that we have tried nothing but summarize. We hope it can serve of some help.