How to ritualize the candles to obtain objectives – the method of three symbols

Candle petitions are the most widely method for requests used through the history of the world. It is not casual A candle can be considered the essence of the petition. Fire, light, smell, color, beauty, texture and mastery, all at once in one single object, which makes the candle a unique object to work with in energies.

As with everything, mastering the request technique increases the results. It is obviously different to light a candle without any specific intention behind just for the pleasure of looking at it, than to use the candle and first give our energy effort as an offering to achieve objectives with specific intentions.

How to get the most out of your petition using a candle?

Energy is something intangible but well directed, “soak up” objects with what we intend to do. A candle, especially if its components are natural, receives and accumulates the energies that you transmit to it.

With the Method of the Three Symbols using Rituals with Ki candles, the technique of ritualizing candles has been developed in the simplest and most effective way.

The technique of ritualizing the candles for petitions consists of five and very differentiate steps that we summarize below:

1- Write the petition on a paper. Think of your objective. Try to make it as specific as possible. Write the petition with a pencil on paper. This request will have to be burnt at any time you feel, during the time the candle is being consumed.

2- Ritualize the candle using the Three Symbols. The candles have three symbols whose function is to connect with the universal energies, wake up your own KI and enter your desire in that energy stream that has been established with your ki inside the universal flow. The first symbol is the Tree of Life, the second is the Symbol of KI and the Third Symbol represents your specific desire (there are several symbols depending on the desire/intention, available, symbols of health, fortune, love, protection or general desire and gratitude).

Touch the symbol of the Tree of Life with the bud of the fingers. Become aware of the universal energy stream. From earth emanates life through the roots of the tree and the universe comes to life through the leaves of the tree. Feel this energy flow and how the candle absorbs it. Take your time being concentrated on this.

Touch the Symbol of the Ki symbol and connect your energy, with the energy stream of the Tree of life. Your Ki mixes with it and your vibration increases through several waves. The candle is also permeated with this vibration.

Touch the third symbol the one that best corresponds to your intention or objective. Display your fulfilled request and the happiness that it gives to you and yours. In this state of connection the candle is being permeated with your request. We can consider that after this process the candle is ritualized.

3- Light the candle. The candle is charged with your energy and your request. When you light the candle, the petition is transformed into light, heat, color and smell, rising to the universe. Your request is already traveling to achieve the goal. The universe receives it and responds to it.

4- Give thanks. When a goal is in the process of being fulfilled or fulfilled, it is necessary to light another candle of gratitude to recognize the help received. Would you like to have the door open to future goals and strengthen your fulfilled requests? Then it is very important to thank and of course, to repeat the process, because in the repetition you increase your power of channeling.

5- Repeat. In the certainty resides the success, the effort to work with energies an repeating the process continuously assures the success of the objective.

The added advantage and great secret of this method, is the “training” that you get in working with energies, that is involved in the ritualization work itself. During this process, we will activate our spiritual part, we will visualize, meditate, to channel as we will use the chakras of the hands to transmit to the candle energies and ultimately to evolve.