Meals with harmony

In these special moments where we are with family, it is important that our meetings would have that touch of joy, peace and harmony. At the table we will be spending these days with family and friends with the intention of having a pleasant time, but it is inevitable that each one carries with her problems that may affect others. Harmony in a meeting can be achieved with objects that transmit peace and free the minds of those present from conflicting energies.

To be able to have after meals moments of peace, to share with your family and we propose that you impregnate with your good intentions these candles filling them with your best desires for your family and friends of being full of joy and being well. The effect produced by candles charged with these intentions is equivalent to a meditation but with the additive effect that expands on all those who share the meal around.

The table will be filled with energy because the candle attracts the energy of the universe and the earth. You introduce your request for peace and harmony in it, and when you light the candle its light illuminates the meal and the special moments you have with people.

Enjoy with your family and friends and have a happy Christmas!