Meditation candles – Method and symbology

Meditating and visualizing are soul exercises that we would have to be able to do naturally, without too many difficulties. But when you get ready to meditate and visualize you find that you have to overcome the small “pitfalls” of the rational mind. Our mind is usually connected to daily worries and tasks, and this often blocks us, preventing us from performing these exercises calmly.

Meditation candles in boxes have the great property of getting the mind to be your ally in soul exercises.

The symbolic-physical action of meditating with candles in a box will make you reach a deep meditative state much more easily.

Method and symbology

The box meditation candles show a symbology. The outside of the box represents your physical form, your visible state. And inside the box you find your essence, your soul.

To start your meditation session, start holding the closed box in your hands and feeling the illusion and desire to open it and the beauty of its interior that would soon appear. At the time of opening the box, your connection status with your interior starts. Look and feel the wax, and pass the fingertips (their chakras) by noticing the three symbols engraved on the candle. The Tree of Life, your Ki and the symbol of peace and harmony. Your chakras in your hands connect with them and your soul lights up.

To physically represent the light of your interior and how it communicates with universal energies and enriches, light the candle. This moment is a magical moment of liberation of peace and harmony inside you. Let your mind sink into this peace, be it traveling or relaxing all your being.

The light, the aroma, the heat, the color and the beauty of the candle are the transformation of your goals into energy that rises to be achieved.

When you think it’s convenient, close the box. Your mission has been fulfilled and your soul is happy. Inside the box, your meditation sessions will be kept in the form of moments of peace enjoyed. The metal absorbs energies.

When the candle has been consumed in its entirety (in one or more sessions), use another candle of the Three Symbols to continue treading great experiences inside.