Meditation with candles

Meditation helps us to connect with ourselves, to generate an interior space where we can rest from all the daily activity, regain strength and evolve.

When we are in this state of tranquility life looks more optimistic, even if we have the problems we have. The problems do not disappear, but our way of feeling them and dealing with them changes.

But starting a meditation when we are in our daily life and activities is not always easy. In many occasions the mind does not calm down so easily. There are many problems that we are dragging every day. Being angry, surrounded by things that do not flow, some sensations that do not help us to be at peace with the environment and feel at peace with ourselves.

There are many techniques to meditate and each one can find the one that can best connects with our way of being. In all of them we can help ourselves with external elements. A walk through nature, an activity that distracts our minds from incessant thoughts. Art in its most diverse forms, contemplate beauty. Meditating can be practiced in many different ways.

To light a candle is a simple and powerful way of meditating in itself, and it can also enhance in an incredible way any method of meditation that we are using.

The flame of the candle itself is beautiful, but also allows us to be absorbed with its shape, light and movement. Looking at the candle, we can easily enter in a state of relaxation and peace. If the candle is natural and contains aromatic essences, its effect is multiplied by the effects of the perfume it gives off; it accompanies us and helps us to feel calmer. And in this state of tranquility one can better face any present situation or any future challenge. The mind becomes clear, the path is cleared up and the doubts can vanish. In this state, we can raise petitions better, because we will know what is best for us and not only that, at the moment we ask we will do it with much more strength and intensity.

Happy day of meditation!