Rituals. The tool you are looking for.

Life in many moments may seem to us that it has no meaning. We wonder what we are doing with our time. This may be the result of letting ourselves be carried away by the inertia of the moment. Many times when you let yourself be carried away by those inertias you enter, unintentionally, into dynamics that take you away from what you really want and intend to achieve with your life.

There are moments when we stop asking the right questions, about what brings to us happiness and peace. And this pushes us to stop working for our goals.

How many times do you dream of changing aspects of your life, freeing yourself from what no longer serves you, or do you directly dream of a completely different life?

The rituals are complete works, which allow your soul to express herself, go out and communicate with your physical part, to coherently create what you really want. The first thing you do in a ritual is to listen to your soul to know what you really want. You write what she asks for you and you can create a bridge of energy that recharges you physically and spiritually. With this connection you fill with positive vibrations your soul and in turn, you achieve a momentum in which your physical can act to decide what is right on a day to day basis to approach you to that goal that you desire. The soul wants that coherence, which also gives peace and brings you a little closer to happiness.

Rituals are works of connection with your soul, messages that we give from our physical part to the universe and nature to assist us by creating that permanent bridge of energy that helps us make good decisions in the physical part to better achieve our goals without drawbacks.

Rituals have many functions. A ritual can change a non-positive dynamic, it can be a request to solve a specific problem, it can serve to thank what we have or what is coming on the way. When the ritual is advancing it is like a stream of life that brings us solutions to heal in all areas of our existence.

The first ritual is always remembered. For each of us a ritual is a particular and different experience, and in every ritual we do the experience brings us closer towards self-knowledge and it represents one more step to master the energies.

Connect your physical and spiritual parts, perform a ritual, from here we encourage you to start, or continue, if you have already tried it before. It does not matter whether you are new or not in rituals, in each one you have the opportunity to experience new sensations and different and wonderful results.