Super moon of 31 of January, ideal for rituals

The candles of Rituals with Ki allow us to take advantage of these magical moments in which we can feel accompanied by a natural phenomenon that inspires us and gives us peace.

Nights of light, meditation, and why not, also of petitions.

Petitions that on that day we allow ourselves to have, make explicit and empower.

We could think of what we want to allow growing in our life, in our environment, for ourselves or for the others.

In this super moon you can perform your own ritual. We also propose that you join a ritual with more people, where each one has his own objective, but we all share the desire that the objectives of the others can be accomplished. Swami Manuel proposes a joint ritual, you can find it in his blogo through Facebook,where you will also have the opportunity to ask for yourself and add up so that everyone gets what they want, would you like to join?

Have a good super moon.