Your connection space

We all need that moment to rest, to make a break from our frantic daily activity, to rest and resituate ourselves. And why not, listen to us to decide what we need, what no longer helps us and propose future objectives.

Life is a continuous change and it is not always easy to adapt to it. Many times the changes we experience, whether sought or not, incorporate challenges that need to be accepted. For example, we have asked for a new job. This is positive and when we found it we felt good. But even if we have wanted it with all our strength, once it materializes and we live it, it can have aspects that represent a challenge and cost us. The best and most desired of jobs can also stress and tire us out. And if this is so for the desired positive changes, let’s imagine hard life situations, where some changes are faced that we do not consider as positive at first. To face life, challenges and changes is important to give us space, stop and breathe to continue.

How to face the changes? How to recharge to continue forward? How to return to feel that we can continue? How to connect with ourselves?

An important issue is to give us space. This means having that moment to be conscious, and from this state of consciousness to help ourselves, to allow ourselves to feel, and also consciously to find the time to recharge ourselves. One way to do this is to place a small space at home, physically, for us to help us remember this. A space that helps us stop and focus.


We can call this space an altar. It is a sacred place for each of us, but not to deify anything external, but to remind us that we can connect with our soul. When we are creating or adorning this altar, internally we are listening to our interior and bringing it to light. We are allowing ourselves to create that space where we can gather, where to ask, where to talk to ourselves, without rules that prevent us from expressing ourselves. We can be authentic, sincere, with that part that does not judge us, only listens to us and responds.

We all need that place where we can be ourselves without any fear of not being accepted. In that place we rest from the outside bustle, we feel at peace, and from that moment of peace we can charge ourselves with energy and face the new. Those changes that will come, those goals that we have wanted and that are already approaching.

How to do it? There are many ways, each one must find yours. A recommendation is to find a place in your home or work. A place that inspires you and helps you to be at peace. Decorate it with a special figure, put a candle, light it to connect your energies with the universal energies and recharge yourself with energy. Put some offering, stone, leaves in front of the figure. Feel that you are alive. Accept that all your goals are close and you will know how to enjoy them.