Six magic candles box


This box contains six powerful rituals for fortune, love, gratitude, health, protection and peace.

Each ritual contains a candle, with the magical symbols engraved in fire, prepared for each intention and a request enhancer envelope with the magical symbols printed on it.

Get all your goals.

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Our pack of rituals “Six Magic Candles Box” are designed to help you manifest your desires and requests in the 6 most important areas of your life. Each of our rituals contains a candle engraved on fire with magical symbols and a request booster envelope with the same symbols printed, so that they can illuminate your goals with a powerful force and boost their energy to achieve everything you want.

Our candles are handmade, vegan, scented and environmentally friendly, and our paper is recycled and unbleached. Everything is made with love and good energy in Barcelona.

Start living in perfect sync with the universe today and make your wishes come true! Get your pack of rituals “Six Magic Candles Box” today and start manifesting your desires.


Handmade, vegan, aromatic and environmentally friendly candles. The paper is recycled and unbleached.

Hand made with love in Barcelona.

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Six magic candles box