Terms and conditions

1. General conditions of purchase and acceptance

www.nosoloreiki.com is a domain of NOSOLOREIKI, S.L ( NOSOLOREIKI or e-shop), with

registered address at C / Vall, 34 3-2 08221 Terrassa (Barcelona, Spain), with CIF B67078295 and email info@nosoloreiki.com.
The present general terms and conditions  expressly regulate trade relations arising between NOSOLOREIKI (e-shop) and the users or clients who buy the products offered through the domain www.nosoloreiki.com.
NOSOLOREIKI considers that having made an order, the buyer will be unreservedly accepted the general terms and conditions then collected as well as any other particular or specific character which could be face to the acquisition of certain products from the e-store and that they will be duly indicated on screen during navigation.
They have been prepared in accordance with the current legislation on the matter.

These general terms and conditions are supplemented by the Legal notice, terms of use and privacy policy set on the Web page www.nosoloreiki.com, as well as any other specific terms and conditions or specific of hiring may establish in each case.
NOSOLOREKI may at any time and without notice, to modify the present general terms and conditions as well as the special conditions which may be included, by posting such changes on the web www.nosoloreiki.com to so that can be known and newly accepted by users.
Customer acknowledges that the acceptance of these terms and conditions shall include the

application of the order to which they refer, as well as any subsequent order, with the exception of those cases in which new conditions are put into their knowledge by NOSOLOREIKI. The fact that NOSOLOREIKI does not have recourse at any time to any of these terms and conditions cannot be interpreted or equal to renounce resorting to them in the future or in the past.

2. Previous information

Purchases on www.nosoloreiki.com page are governed by the general conditions applicable at the date of the order. The information contained in the description of the products do not link NOSOLOREIKI until the confirmation of the acceptance of the order.
Once the purchase is done, user will see the confirmation of the order through a durable stand.

Order confirmation and the proof of purchase (printed by the user) will not have validity as a bill.
3. User registration

The formalization of any business relationship with the e-store through www.nosoloreiki.com requires the previous registration of the customer or user.
The client can make the registration by filling the fields located in the data collection forms.

4. Formalization of the sale

4.1 products offered

NOSOLOREIKI displays on every moment products for sale along with its own characteristics and its price.
NOSOLOREIKI reserves the right to decide at any time, the products that are offered to users or customers through the e-store.
Promotions submitted by NOSOLOREIKI are valid within the limit of stocks available. NOSOLOREIKI reserves the right to modify the assortment of products depending on the difficulties imposed by its suppliers.
NOSOLOREIKI may at any time add new products to the included therein which shall be governed by the provisions of the General conditions in force at the time. NOSOLOREIKI also reserves the right to cease providing access, at any time and without prior notice, of any of the products offered in the e-store.

4.2. indication of prices

The products offered in the e-store, along with their features and prices will appear on screen. Also appear on display shipping costs to the domicile of the user.
Prices published in the e-shop are in Euros (€) and are valid except for typographic errors. All prices include the tax on the value added (VAT) and any other taxes outside application, applicable on the day of the order, any change in rate of VAT will be automatically applied to the prices of the products on sale on the e-store.
Promotions about products for sale in the e-store will be indicated in the product file and, unless noted otherwise, are valid while displayed on-screen.
The purchase means effected at the home of NOSOLOREIKI.

Before ordering the payment customer can know the detail of the amounts and shipping costs. The order is not effective until the customer do not click "Accept", "order with obligation of payment"
on the order confirmation screen.

During the process of selection and purchase the product or products the customer may at any time cancel the steps already carried out and abandoned the process.
Once payment within 24 hours of the customer will receive a message in accordance detailing the amounts paid and recorded data.

4.3 availability

Although NOSOLOREIKI attempts to always have available the products that advertise on its website, it can exceptionally given the case of not having the product requested by the client.
In this case NOSOLOREIKI undertakes to send the customer an email within a reasonable period (from the date in which placed the order) to communicate the term that we can send you the selected product.
In case of impossibility to provide the product NOSOLOREIKI may propose to the customer shipping of an item of equivalent price and quality. The client may reject this alternative, which will require NOSOLOREIKI to the immediate reimbursement of the amounts paid by the customer.

4.4 shipment of the product

NOSOLOREIKI delivers its products through the company's messaging HRM Barcelona SL (Halcourier). Items purchased shipping costs, will be paid by the buyer. Urgent shipping costs will also be borne by the buyer.
The price of transportation on the Peninsula is €6.05. Shipping rates to Europe and to the rest of the world depend on the area of shipping. During the purchase process, as the user during his registre has has indicated the country, the rate will be shown applied.

4.5 delivery tracking

The customer can know at any time the status of the order. To do this, NOSOLOREIKI puts at your disposal an e-mail info@nosoloreiki.com.

4.6 delivery times

The maximum delivery time of an order will be of 5 calendar days. The computation starts the day after the payment confirmation.  It will promptly inform customer in case of a delay, caused by exceptional circumstances, in the delivery of the goods.
The delay in the delivery of the product will not involve compensation. In case of not being

available right in due time, the customer will be informed of this lack of availability and the paid sums will be returned to you.

4.7 hours of delivery of the orders

The products purchased will be delivered to the person and to the address indicated in the order. The municipal regulations on road traffic in the old districts of some populations of Spain may limit vehicle at specific times. Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays there will be no output or delivery orders.

4.8 delivery of the order

NOSOLOREIKI undertakes to deliver the products purchased by the customer at the adress of the buyer designated for that purpose in the order form (will be not delivered products in sections of post, or booths, or in public places).
To avoid problems in the event that you won't find in the home at the time of delivery, please provide us a contact telephone number where he can find it.
In the event that the customer could not be present at the time of delivery, the order will be delivered to anyone else who is at the indicated address and who is over 18 (eighteen). NOSOLOREIKI understands that the customer who placed the order authorizes a person who at that moment is home to pick up your order on your behalf. Therefore, it is under the sole responsibility of the customer authorizing a third party to the reception and acceptance of the purchase in the address of delivery.
The delivery is deemed since gets product available to the client by the carrier and the recipient
signature the receipt of the delivery. It corresponds to the recipient verify receipt of the same products and expose all the caveats and claims it deems appropriate.
If the product arrived in poor condition due to transport the customer must indicate this on the

carrier delivery and inform the customer within 24 hours of receipt, our service info@nosoloreiki.com, to make the claim. After this term NOSOLOREIKI not be liable for any claim for this reason.
The dealer will leave a delivery note, which must be signed by the buyer.

Postage will be paid by the customer unless the product is faulty. In the latter case, if the customer shall inform NOSOLOREIKI of the defect of the product within 8 days from the date of receipt, NOSOLOREIKI will assume transport costs.

4.9 areas of distribution

This home-delivery service extends beyond the Peninsular Spanish. For deliveries outside Spain or outside the Peninsula transport company is Halcourier.

5. payment of the purchase

The payment of the price of the goods purchased and shipping costs, which will appear on the screen, can be made both by and in accordance with payment pointing at each point on the screen.
If you have baggage charges which had not reciprocated, the user will have to communicate it to

NOSOLOREIKI via e-mail info@nosoloreiki.com to resolve this issue.

NOSOLOREIKI shall not ship the product until you receive confirmation that the customer has made the payment.

5.1. secure payment

In making the order, the customer can choose freely pay the purchases you make on

NOSOLOREIKI by: cards (Visa or Mastercard), Paypal or transfer.

NOSOLOREIKI has the highest measures of security commercially available in the sector.

5.1. Visa or Mastercard credit card

The payment of NOSOLOREIKI server is under the secure server (SSL) of Banc Sabadell. All data indicated during the checkout process, including data of your Visa or Mastercard credit card, come to our server encrypted.
To proceed to payment by credit card, the user must follow the instructions that appear on the screen, providing the following information:

-card number.

-Expiration date.

-CVV2 or CVC2 card code

Manifest NOSOLOREIKI which never stored in any way the data provided by the users through the payment gateway, and only been preserved while the purchase, the payment is made and until
the period of withdrawal.

NOSOLOREIKI reserves the right to request any user of e-store that has made a purchase, that justify the payment of the same or that is identified through the contribution by electronic means
(e-mail or similar) of a document which identifies it as buyer and that can include the delivery address (ID card, passport, resident card, certificate of registration, etc.).
By default, the invoices are sent to the email address specified by the customer at the time of

your discharge in NOSOLOREIKI

5.1. b Paypal

PayPal is the safest in recent times online payment method. It allows to buy worldwide from your computer, phone or tablet, and pay with the email and password, without entering personal or financial data.
PayPal protects financial information with industry leading security and fraud prevention systems. When you use PayPal, financial information is never shared with the seller. Once completed the payment, is email you receipt of the transaction.

5.1. c bank transfer

You may make payments by bank transfer. Bank transfer or deposit into account means a delay in purchase management, since this will not enter in preparation process until it has been confirmed the same.
Your order will come in packaging process once the payment has been confirmed. The article requested by you will remain quiet for a few days in which you can make payment

6. right of withdrawal

6.1. information to the consumer and user on the exercise of the right of withdrawal

You have the right to withdraw from this contract within a period of 14 calendar days without justification. The withdrawal period shall end at the 14 calendar days from the day you or a third party by you indicated, other than the carrier, acquired the material possession of the goods.
To exercise the right of withdrawal, should you notify us of its decision to withdraw from the

contract through a clear statement: letter sent by postal mail to NOSOLOREIKI service in the Vall

Street 34th 3-2 08221 Terrassa (Barcelona, Spain) or mail electronic info@nosoloreiki.com. You can use the model form of withdrawal listed below, although its use is not mandatory. You also have the option to fill in and submit the standard withdrawal form electronically or any other clear statement through our website www.nosoloreiki.com.Si uses this option, we will inform you without delay in a durable stand (for example, by email) the reception of such withdrawal.
To meet the withdrawal deadline, just that the communication concerning the exercise for its part

this right is sent before the expiration of the relevant period.

6.2 consequences of discontinuance

In the event of withdrawal on the other hand, we will refund all payments received from you, including the expenses of delivery without any undue delay and, in any case, later than 14 calendar days from the date on which are informed of its decision to withdraw from the pres
agency contract. We will proceed to make this refund using the same payment method used by you for the initial transaction, unless you have you prepared expressly otherwise; in any case, you will not incur any expense as a result of the refund. NOSOLOREIKI may withhold the reimbursement until receipt of the product, or until you have presented proof of the return of the same, according to what condition is met first.

6.3 model withdrawal form

(Just fill in and send this form if you wish to withdraw from the product)

To the attention of NOSOLOREIKI at Del Vall Street 34th 3-2 08221 Terrassa (Barcelona, Spain), e-mail info@nosoloreiki.com:
Hereby contact you / communicate (*) that we desist of our purchase:

-order / received:

-Name of user and consumer or consumers and users:

-Domicile of the consumer / user or of consumers and users:


Signature of the consumer / user or consumers and users

7. return policies and cancellations

7.1 return of goods within warranty period

If the reason for the return is something that we have not done very well (the product is defective, is not what you requested, etc.), we do we bear the costs of collection. If the reason is other (products are served correctly but are not of your liking), NOSOLOREIKI will pay the cost of the products except the return costs that will be payable by the customer.
I.e., when products are served correctly but are not to the liking of the customer and they have returned within the time limit set (14 calendar days from the receipt of the product), NOSOLOREIKI will pay the cost of products and shipping costs (in case of which has been paid at the time of purchase) except the return costs that will be payable by the customer.
Changes of used products will not be accepted or lack of the wrapper, seal or original label. This provision does not affect other consumer rights recognized by the legislation in force.
To begin the return process please contact us via the address info@nosoloreiki.com

7.2 order cancellation

If the order cancellation comes before the departure of the goods, the customer will not have any expenses. In the case of a cancellation after the departure of the order, the customer will be responsible for shipping costs as well as the return of this same order costs.

8. Applicable law. Submission to jurisdiction

the present general terms, the relationship between NOSOLOREIKI and the user on these as well as all issues that may arise from the access and/or use of the same shall be regulated and
interpreted in pursuant to Spanish law, subjecting the parties expressly to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of the Spanish State.
In the event that the user is domiciled outside of Spain, NOSOLOREIKI and the user submit, with

express resignation to any other law, to the courts and competent courts in Spain.