• pack of six candles for fortune with the symbol engraved and in a gift box
  • fortune box
  • Fortune symbol engraved on the candle
pack of six candles for fortune with the symbol engraved and in a gift box

Box Fortune x6 (S)

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Pack of six candles FORTUNE with an approx. duration of 16 hours each, prepared for petitions with the method of the three symbols. To attract all the positive and be fortunate.

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Objective: In this pack you will find natural candles prepared to attract the positive and be lucky. Candles prepared to help unlocking a person to allow the energy flows freely to make the right decisions.

Meaning of the Symbol: The symbol of fortune represents the four cardinal points of prosperity, these are: mental clarity, humility, objectives and strength to act. At the moment you light the candle you get to join your energies and the energies of the earth and the universe to clear blockages and get these four points strengthened.


1. WRITE THE PETITION: Think about the goal you want to accomplish. Try to make it as specific as possible. Write the petition with a pencil on a piece of paper. You can burn the petition once the candle is lighted at any moment you feel.

2. RITUALIZE THE CANDLE WITH SYMBOLS: Touch with your fingertips the symbol of the tree of life. Be conscious of the universal energy flow, life emanates from earth through the roots of the tree and life also comes from the universe through the leaves of the tree. Feel this energy flow and how the candle absorbs it.

Touch the symbol of ki and connect your energy (ki) with the energy stream of the tree of life. Your ki mixes with it and your vibration increases. The candle is impregnated with this vibration.

Touch the symbol of Fortune. Visualize the petition as being already fulfilled and the happiness it provides to you and your people. In this state of connection the candle is being impregnated with your petition. The candle is then ritualized.

3. LIGHT THE CANDLE: The candle is charged with your energy and your petition. When the candle is turned on, the request is transformed into light, heat, color and smell and it rises to the universe. Your petition is already travelling to achieve the goal. The universe receives it and it responds to it.

4. THANK: When an objective is in the process of being fulfilled or already fulfilled, it is necessary to light another candle of gratitude to acknowledge the help received. To thank is to have the door open to future objectives and strengthen your petitions already fulfilled. The ‘wish & gratitude’ candles are ideal for this.

5. REPEAT: In the persistence resides the success, for that reason this pack contents more candles.

Why natural candles?

When you light a candle you are asking to the nature and the universe. It is important to make your petition with a candle that respects the environment and life. Candles that are not natural contain paraffin and animal fats that harm our health and can be considered an attack on nature, the nature who you are asking for help. Consistency and respect are fundamental to achieve goals.


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