Ritual New Year 2021 - The box of 4 wishes

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Ritual of the four wish box: Fortune, Health, Love and Protection for the year 2021

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Set to perform a powerful Ritual specially prepared for the New year 2021.

It is a journey within that will attract fortune, health, love, and protection.

It contains all the necessary Components (see the detail in the description) to perform a powerful ritual. The wide variety of semi precious stones and personalized candles for the objectives will accompany you on this great journey. The lotus flower seed is the unifying element.

It also contains all the instructions with the steps to follow in detail to perform the ritual yourself. You can also ask for the audio of the meditation guided by Swami Manuel by whatsapp that will guide you step by step. All components are respectful of nature.

The ritual includes the following components:

- 4 candles one of fortune, one of health, one of love and one of protection prepared with the Three Symbols Method with detailed instructions to ritualize them.

- 1 embossed metal craft box.

- 1 I Ching coin

- 1 pyrite, 1 fluorite, 1 rock crystal, 1 citrine, 1 chrysocolla, 1 amethyst and 1 black tourmaline.

- A lotus seed.

- Instructions for the ritual: complete, step by step, to be able to do it yourself.

- Access to the audio visualization of the ritual guided by Swami Manuel.


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