• Box with all components for the Sant Joan ritual
  • all components in detail out of the box
  • Ganesh figure with the brochure
  • Lighted fortune candle with the Ganesh figure
  • Detail of ganesh figure bio with petition and coins
Box with all components for the Sant Joan ritual

Ritual New Projects Ganesh - Sant Joan 2020

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Ganesh is much adored and requested to remove obstacles, protect, as lord of abundance and patron of the arts and sciences.

For this reason, this Sant Joan ritual for new projects is very suitable to perform it this moment of the year, to request that work, projects and business changes flow.

Ideal for the opening of roads in general and the attraction of fortune in the broadest sense. To be lucky.

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Components for the ritual:

Ganesh figure with ametrine (interesting mix of amastist and citrine).

- Two request candles: Fortune and Gratitude.

- I ching coins.

- Precious stones.

- Flax seeds.

- Matches.

- Roll paper request, rope and plug.

- Pencil.

- Instructions.


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