• the components of the ritual presented, istructions and all the components
  • detail of the gift box for the ritual of Saint John's eve with the vibrational water and the stones and Bali box
  • detail of the instructions and the bottle of vibrational water open
  • gift box of the Ritual of Saint John's Eve with the hematoid quartz and the Bali metalic box
the components of the ritual presented, istructions and all the components

Sant Joan 2019 - Ritual of inner energetic cleansing

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Set to perform a powerful Ritual specially prepared for St. John’s Eve.

Contains all necessary components (read in description for details), but the most important is that we have prepared for this Ritual of St. John’s Eve, a Hematoxy Quartz, a Quartz of Fire, as the transmutation element to be used in this very special evening. Using these components this night your petitions would be empowered.

It also contains all the instructions with the steps to follow in detail, to be able to perform the rituals yourself. All the components are respectful with nature.

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The ritual includes the following components:

- 2 candles of health and gratitude prepared with the Method of the Three Symbols with detailed instructions to ritualize them.

- Request and pencil sheets.

- Stones: three types of stones, garnates, pyrites, black tourmalines and an hematoxy quartz, with a beauty that is already a form of energy. The Hematoxy Quartz, a Quartz of Fire, prepared for this special St. John’s night. 

- Seeds: element of the earth, latent life, objective that will germinate.

- Eco flower pot and soil.

- Vibrational water: one bottle of water prepared to contain your objectives and the stones.

- Matches: recommended to light the candles.

- Instructions for the ritual: complete, step by step, to be able to do it yourself.

- Instructions to ritualize the candles with the Three Symbols Method.

Sant Joan-rit

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